10 Cheap and Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas


Gifts can be expensive enough to buy or make. You shouldn’t have to blow your budget on wrapping them. Here are a few ideas for wrapping presents cheaply so that they still have an impressive presentation:

  • Go Natural: if you utilize some items found right outside your home, some simple brown wrapping paper, perhaps recycled from grocery store paper bags, can go a long way. Just combine it with twine, a sprig of evergreen, a pine cone, dried flowers, etc.
  • Wallpaper Remnants: vintage wallpaper is great for holiday gift wrapping. Even though it’s thicker than traditional wrapping paper, it folds nicely for a tailored, elegant look.
  • Plain Paper Bags: if you have kids, wrap your presents with plain paper bag and let your kids decorate with markers, paints, or collages.
  • Custom Tags: use recycled greeting cards or card stock to fashion your own holiday gift tags. Add your own touch with calligraphy, design or water-color.

What are some cheap yet nice ways that you wrap holiday presents?

Find more ideas over at Wise Bread’s 10 Cheap, Handmade, and Green Wrapping Ideas.


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