10 Best Things to Buy at Garage Sales

Spring has sprung and that means garage sale season is finally upon us. Many Tip Heroes have written in to tell us about their favorite buys at garage sales. For example, Meagan told us how she saves a bundle buying board games at garage sales:

“I can’t understand why anyone would buy board games brand new from a store when you you can find tons of these for 5-10% of the cost at garage sales. I also buy puzzles at garage sales for a $1 a piece which retail for 10-15 times that amount.”

The blog More Style Than Cash came out with their list of the 10 best things to buy at garage sales:

1. Home office supplies
2. Kitchen Equipment
3. Sewing supplies
4. Dressy Children’s Clothes
5. Large Furniture
6. Jewelry
7. Exercise Equipment
8. Craft Supplies
9. Photo Frames
10. Gift-wrap and Greeting Cards

Be sure to read the full article as they go in-depth on each item: Ten Best Buys at Garage Sales

Homepage photo credit: E.Bartholomew