“15 Healthy Indulgences” (WebMD)

WebMD has an article (they call it a “slideshow” as you have to click through all 15 indulgences individually) that provides inexpensive ways to help your body feel good and recharge. They write: “We’ve got 15 great ideas for affordable, healthy indulgences that will recharge your energy and spirit.” It looks like the piece is targeted towards women, as the web address for it is …women.webmd.com…

The 15 are listed below, though not the full text that goes with each. There’s commentary on each one of the 15, so click through to the article (or slideshow, as the case may be) to read more.

1. Nibble a Piece of Dark Chocolate
2. Scent a Room With Lavender
3. Indulge in a Kiss
4. Splurge on a Fresh Tuna Steak
5. Get a Manicure
6. Rent a Funny Movie
7. Put the Kettle On
8. Enjoy a Little After-Work Delight
9. Get a Chair Massage
10. Take Time to Streeeeetch
11. Go Natural
12. Pick Some Exotic Fruit
13. Call a Good Friend
14. Sleep, Baby, Sleep
15. Move It, Move It, Move It!

15 Healthy Indulgences Under $15 (WebMD.com)